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Sustainable. Reliable. Accessible.

Our Project

We are a group of high schoolers ​passionate about creating a sustainable world. Fashion is a huge part of our daily lives and our aim is to make it sustainable. By reusing and recycling clothes, we are cutting down on the carbon emission released into the atmosphere. For every kg of clothes recycled, we prevent 100 kgs of carbon dioxide from being released. If we all take a step towards sustainable fashion, we can work towards becoming a sustainable economy and eventually, a sustainable world.

Our Services


Retail of clothes

We collect second-hand clothes that undergo thorough quality control checks before they are made available for purchase. The clothes range includes various styles in various sizes for different age groups. 


Clothes donation

Donations are made to those in need of high-quality clothing that is not suitable for sale.

Interested in donating clothes? 


Upcycled products

Clothes that aren't fit to be worn are upcycled into different products including accessories, dog toys and coasters. We hire unemployed women interested in stitching for the production of the products. 

Meet the Team


Antara Ganapathy



Alisha Pinto


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